Album Review: Unleashed 

Today I heard Skillet’s song “Feel Invincible” on the radio when heading home frm the gym.  I’m not gonna lie. I’m not into religion hands. I never heard of a genre called Christian Rock. I never thought Skillet would ever fit this categorfy. And what’s most shocking is that radio stations that air rock/metal with loads of censored vulgar language, violence and sex . Yet some how some way rrock stations sneak this band’s music over their air waves. And even more shocking fans of rock/metal are giving this band’s album respect (it is one of few that’s doing super well depending where you live) in sales. So when I heard this I had to sample the album. This band can be just as hard, loud, edgy and talented without the graphic language, violence or sex. The musical part of this album will blow your mind. Right out of the gate with “Feel Invincible” the music just grabs your attention right away. Granted tracks like “Watching for Comets” and “Lions” aren’t all that great lyric wise the music will keep you hooked until their last song “The Resistance” which has great guitar work at the end.

Track List

  1. “Feel Invincible”
  2. “Back From the Dead”
  3. “Stars”
  4. “I Want to Live”
  5. “Undefeated”
  6. “Famous”
  7. “Lions”
  8. “Out of Hell”
  9. “Burn it Down”
  10. “Watching for Comets”
  11. “Saviors of the World”
  12. “The Resistance”

Favorite Tracks

  • “Feel Invincible”
  • “Back From the Dead”
  • “I Want to Live”
  • “Undefeated”
  • “Out of Hell”
  • “Burn it Down”
  • “The Resistance”

Preview Album

Star Rating & Review
5 out of 5 Stars

Totally worth it. Will I become a fan of Christian Rock? Provably not. But for those who are and are looking for new music or band, then o will recommend Skillet.  

A surprise from Hershey: a Massive S’mores Kit

LOOK WHAT CAME!!!! This morning my free Hershey chocolate gift set arrived! I wasn’t expecting a massive s’mores kit. Makes 36 servings and comes with everything including chocolate, gram crackers and marshmallows. 

I may have to take chocolate out of box and send it to the freezer because it came with ice packs to keep from melting. Will save for when I have company or family.

So how did I get a free gift? Hershey started a hashtag #SmoresFun on Twitter. I tweeted my camp story:

They selected mine and a few others to follow and private message them. One of those selected earlier got their chocolate surprise. So naturally I thought I’d get just milk chocolate. Then the box came and I finally got my surprise.

My sister bought a smaller similar kit and said they’re worth every penny. I highly suggest large kits for large gatherings and smaller kits for smaller gatherings. My mom would always cringe when my sister and cousins would crave s’mores. Simply because of our large crowd you had to buy things separately and in bulk. If you want a kit that includes everything these are totally worth it. 

Cost: I wish I knew. I got this free. Incase you want to buy something like this you might have to buy online. Check with major retailers like Target or Walmart before looking on Amazon.

Even if no one doesn’t want s’mores they can eat the crackers, chocolates and use the marshmallows any way they want. 

Definately thanked them for the tfree gift. 

Thin Mint Brownie Sundae

Sadly with brownie after a while they become hard as a rock. And with the brownies I reviewed into small pieces they were getting old. So I put them into an ice cream sundae. Actually tasted like a Dairy Queen ice cream cake minus the chocolate ice cream layer. Its easy to make and you can add your favorite ice cream flavor or toppings. While I didn’t use toppings if you want to use toppings its your choice. 

You Will Need:
Thin Mint Brownie pieces 
Vanilla ice cream

Chocolates Chips
Chocolate sprinkles 
Fudge topping
Whip cream 
Thin Mint cookies


  1. If you haven’t already done so bake Review: Pillsbury Girl Scouts Thin Mint brownie mix into a square cake pan. Follow the instructions and tips on the back of the box. Cool and cut into small squares.
    Once cool and have a crunchy texture prepare your sundae.

  3. In a bowl break up 2 brownies them with a spoon crush into small chunks.

  5. Using an ice cream scoop scoop out 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Scoops should cover crushed up brownies completely.

  7. Add your toppings. Use one or all items listed above or leave plain.

  9. Smash and swirl brownie chunks, ice cream and toppings. Or leave toppings on top of ice cream.

Serve and enjoy. 

Review: Pillsbury Girl Scouts Thin Mint Brownies

I was craving Pillsbury milk chocolate fudge brownies I made earlier this year. Sadly I couldn’t find the box mix in store. The closest I could get was Pillsbury’s Thin Mint Brownies. I was hoping to save for a rainy day but mom could not wait and got to the box before I could grab my brownie bar pan. If you need the recipe see the link list below.

I got the mix at Target. Just as simple to make and just as moist. I will warn you in advance these are rich so cut these in small squares. These don’t come with icing or added broken up cookies to top. These have flavoring in them. These also came out razor thin so if using a cake pan combine 2 boxes. This is why Oi use a 12 cell brownie bar pan as well as ice cream scoop to fill cavities.

They taste pretty good though. Actually tasted like thin mint cookies you would get from Girl Scouts each year. If you love mint mixed in dark chocolate you’ll love these.

Pillsbury also has a thin mint cup cake mix. If I make those I’ll try and review them. Had I known in advance these would come out thin I would’ve gotten a thing of vanilla ice cream to top since these aren’t iced. If Pillsbury continues thin mint cup cakes and brownies I’d like to see them add canned icing and sprinkles to compliment as some have to have (even want) icing. Also if they continue into next cookie season I’d even try with broken cookie bit on top. But regardless these are good with or without icing.

5 out of 5 stars. I was gonna give these a 4 star rating because of how thin they came but due to richness they’re the perfect size.

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Jell-o No Bake Cheesecake

Jell-o no bake cheesecake slice

Who loves cheesecake? Anyone? But who hates the fat that goes into it? If I have to choose between desert I’d go with that as chocolate cake can be overwhelmingly rich as stores and restaurants pack on too much frosting. Plus I don’t over consume cheese cake as its filling.

Today mom asked “How bout we take a rest day and bake a cheese cake?” When I saw a special on Food Network years ago (where the host baked a New York cheesecake from scratch) I about panic attacked because of the steps and process you gotta go through to do it. But while mom was mixing I read the box’s directions. Believe it or not this was super quick and easy to do. Plus it’s a no bake desert (meaning no need for an oven). And you can use what ever dairy products you wish. For this blog we used fat free so if you prefer low fat or regular dairy use what makes you feel comfortable using. I prefer fat free. Low fat or 2% dairy products if I’m making for a crowd other than family. I do want to warm you that this takes hours to firm up in the fridge. So my advice is to make it the night before so it has time to process and chill in the fridge (especially if you’re doing this for an event or party and time isn’t on your side).

You will need

    1 box of Jell-o no bake cheesecake mix

    Round or square sheet cake pan

    12 tbsp. sugar

    5 tbsp. margarine or butter (melted)

    1-1/2 cups cold milk


  1. Stir Crust Mix, sugar and margarine in 9-inch pie plate until crumbs are evenly moistened. Press onto bottom and up side of pie plate.

  3. Pour milk into medium bowl. Add Filling Mix. Beat with mixer on low speed 30 sec., then beat on medium speed 3 min. (Filling will be thick.) Spoon into crust. Refrigerate 1 hour.

  5. Dip pie plate, just to rim, in hot water 30 sec. for easy cutting and serving.

  7. Store in refrigerator.


  • the box says not to use low fator soy mill. For best flavor, do not use prepared nonfat dry milk. Filling will have a soft set if made with soy milk. However if you want a low fat or fat free cake its your choice. it does taste. bit blamd using low fat or fat free milk but not too terrible.

  • It says it only needs 1hr to firm in fridge. If you do from scratch recipes say closer to 5hrs. So let it chill in the afternoon if for yourself. But if for a party or event let chill over night.

  • To serve I run a pie server in warm water them towel dry to cut through chilled cheesecake. It’ll be thick to cut through if straight from fridge. You can also dip the pan (up to its rim) in warm water before cutting but becomes annoying. I also use the warm soak knife trick on ice cream cakes and found it much easier. Just like ice cream cake if serving for multiple people you need to wipe down cake server before reinserting into cheesecake.

  • Always use a non stick round or square sheet cake pan.

  • You can do different bases but found honey maid gram crackers worked best.

  • While this is a plain cheesecake that doesn’t mean toppings aren’t allowed. When completely chilled add your favorite topping to cake slices or onto the entire cake. If on entire cake check the back of the box for instructions. I leave the entire cake plain if serving for others. Simply because people have different tastes. So when guests get their servings they can opt to add their own toppings.

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Strength Training for Runners

Strength Training for Runners Lift weights. Avoid injury. Run faster. Run longer. Run stronger.


  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Hamstring curls
  • Calf raises
  • Wall sits


  • Side leg raises
  • Single leg toe touches
  • Glute bridges


  • Planks
  • Russian twists
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Scissor legs


  • Shoulder press
  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep dips
  • Pushups
  • Chest press

I think there are more but this graphic lists I think the basics. Do what you feel comfortable with. Need help? Ask a certified trainer. Extracted text from graphic.

INSPIRE: Exercise

When WWE’s Dean Ambrose says you’re not getting a hard workout unless in a stuffy sweaty gym is wrong. I walk into LA Fitness to a nice blast of AC. My workout was a pleasant one. Although during the summer it can be stuffy. But I try not to think about it.

Video: WWE Body Series Dean Ambrose

I liked WWE’s Body Series because it has talent discussing the importance of fitness while encouraging even motivating fans in the process (at least that’s what I got from Ambrose’s piece). This series helped motivate me in getting into shape and keeping the weight off. I may not be the strongest, fastest or have a 6 pack. I just go out there and do it (In a backstage segment on Smackdown he says “NOBODY tells me what to do … I just go out there and DO IT!”). Even if it means me working out in a gym every other day for an hour to an hour and a half. I can’t see well enough due to Retinitis Pigmentosa to jog or bike trails.

Since 2006 it was a struggle getting fit. At my highest I was close to 240lb and 10 years of hard work I’m down to 190lb with lean muscle. I still have a bit of a belly on me but not compared to how big it was back them. I went from wearing a 3 almost 4x to a 1x or large depending on material and style.

When I workout I do little bit of everything: cardio, swim and weights (I do my weights in the pool). The first thing I make a break for is the treadmill with high inclined. I also watch my diet: I eat a protein diet while limiting sugar and starchy foods. Each month I do a cheat day to reward myself so that I’m not falling off the wagon in regards to my diet.

Some will say that gyms are expensive and intimidatingI say give it a shot. If it weren’t for LA Fitness I don’t think I’d be active again. That’s how I gained the weight in the first place. Inactivity and being lazy was a curse and had I stayed active I wouldn’t have struggled with my health in the first place. I want to inspire those who struggle with their weight (with or without a disability). That they can achieve weight loss goals and manage it. As Ambrose says in his Body Series video: exercise has to become a habit. You have to make the time to workout.

When I see new members who start their journey intimidated I say “Relax, start small—keep it simple and work your way up.” And to those who see me walking with my cane curious about my eyes I tell them what’s wrong with them and why I’m here working out every other day. Their response? “That’s great!” Or “You’re an inspiration.”