Making the most of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookie season is here!
 Examples of Girl Scout Cookies

I always dreaded this season because I always get sucked into buying 2 boxes. Then I learned my mom buys 4 boxes but puts them away for a rainy day fund in the main freezer. I didn’t know these would keep frozen past their shelf life let alone taste even better frozen. I’m buying a couple boxes. Last year I made 4 boxes stretch out a couple of months. 

I always get thin mint (my favorite) and do-si-dos (peanut butter sandwich cookies) but might try tag alongs (chocolate cookies stuffed with peanut butter).

However the boxes are kinda expensive ($7 a piece) because you only get 2 stacks. And because of their addictive flavor you either buy in bulk (like I do) or refill before the season is out (my mom has a tendency of refilling at least once to stash away.). Or you can do what this one fan did and find substitute. (Links are at the bottom of this post.). 

 Regardless you are helping the Girl Scouts fund special programs by buying a box or 2 of their cookies. I remember those days I was a Brownie (Girl Scouts youth division.)

So how do you make a box last? What I did last year was count how many cookies are in each stack (you get 2 stacks per box) and once stack is open divide into bags because each bag is tiny. (See my blog link “How to get away with sugar.” to see example.) and store away those not being touched. With these little ziplock portion bags I take what I want and save the rest for later. The unopened stacks stay in their clear wrap seals but placed into large ziplock and placed in freezer. 

Some actually use these in deserts. One example a couple years ago they added cookies to ice cream. Me? I like my cookies with milk. 

So what flavor cookie do you like? How do you enjoy them? With milk by itself or mixed in a desert?

Links of Interest

Girl Scouts Offical Website 

How to get away with sugar

 List of all Girl Scout Cookies and their almost identical counterparts 

Cookie Locator 


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